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Ornamental origami

Posted by Dulcie Fulton on

A commemorative letterpress print for Poppy Wilde on the achievement of her PhD. Anna, Poppy's mum, was so confident of Poppy's success that she had no qualms about commissioning this so that it was ready for the day of reckoning (Poppy passed with flying colours). Anna suggested the quadrant layout of the type and requested an origami fold so that there could be a giftable card and also a flat print for framing. I selected some of my most beautiful and precious metal type ornaments and arranged them in combination to highlight the opposing quadrants and balance the type, striking a diagonal dynamic through the piece. Once folded, the ornaments intersect. I set a frontispiece (with decorative border, the title of the PhD and a single ornament matching the interior ones) at a 45-degree angle to highlight the intersection as the piece is opened.

Letterpress print, gold ink.
Metal ornaments and Bembo type.
Printed on 30 x 30 cm Somerset Velvet 280gsm Newsprint with frontispiece on 300gsm Somerset Velvet White.

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