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Make an origami star book (Sat 28 Nov)

Posted by Dulcie Fulton on

On Saturday 28th November 2020, learn how to make an origami star book decoration with me in a 15 minute video workshop at Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre online! Catch the live video stream at 4.36pm this Saturday on the Round Chapel Stage.

Learn how to make an origami star book decoration from coloured and patterned paper.
Learn how to make an origami star book decoration from coloured, printed or patterned paper; a perfectly delightful little gift to send to friends and family this Christmas. Folds flat, so it's easy to post!

To make along with me, you'll need:

  • 3 squares of paper
  • 2 squares of thin card, a quarter the size
  • pretty paper for covers
  • thin ribbon or thread
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • double sided tape (optional)

Your squares can be any size you like, but 8 x 8cm paper with 4 x 4cm card covers works well.

The materials you'll need to make your origami star book.
Here's the materials you'll need. The bonefolder is optional; a fingernail or ruler will work just as well, and you can substitute thread for ribbon.

There'll be loads of other medieval merriment to enjoy too. In normal times, Mr Flat and I love to hang out at the Christmas Fayre with our medieval pals and play "who makes the best mince pies" and "which is the tastiest mulled wine",* both of which require a serious level of commitment (I can assure you that we have not yet failed to rise to the challenge). This year we'll have to supply our own wine and pies, but hopefully we can get back to the in-person event in 2021!

With it all being online this year, if you've not been before then now's your chance to get a peek at what goes on behind the castle walls. See you there!

I've also been making star books from vintage photosetting type catalogues and patterned papers, and will be putting some up for sale in my shop this weekend, if I can bear to part with them. They'll all be one-off's and completely unique; I hope you like them as much as I do. They look lovely laid flat (as shown in the photos below) or tied open and hung up as an ornament; perfect special little gifts for the typography fiend or graphic designer in your life.

The origami star book tied shut with a ribbon bow, and tied open ready for hanging.
An origami star book made from coloured paper and covered with patterned origami paper (Muji used to sell a lovely patterned pack but sadly I haven't seen it there for years now) and finished with a 3mm grosgrain ribbon. This is what we'll make together in my video.
An origami star book made using pages cut from an old catalogue with abstract photos in contrasting colours.
I'll also show you some other examples to get your creative juices flowing. Here's one made from photos I cut from an old Toast catalogue. I chose abstract images with a strong colour focus on each side; blues and greys on one, and reds on the other. I then found a plain red origami paper for the covers that perfectly matched the red in the photos. I love how the colours and imagery work on this one.
A selection of origami star books made from a variety of patterned papers including Osity and Cambridge Imprint.
A selection of origami star books made from a variety of patterned papers. The bright pink is the Eau design from new stationery brand Osity. The red flowery one uses traditional and very lovely origami paper. The other patterned papers are from Cambridge Imprint, and you can also see some with plain colours and from catalogue photos.
This chap makes the best mulled wine at Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre. Highly recommended.
* In our humble opinion, this chap makes the very best mulled wine at the Christmas Fayre. Highly recommended (hic). But shhh, don't tell everyone. We don't want them all knowing, do we? (Picture courtesy of Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre)

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