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My Glass is Half Full/Empty letterpress coaster


Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Flip these coasters to full or empty depending upon your mood; they're double-sided. Hand set from Optima demi-bold metal type and decorated with a couple of beautiful old ornaments that I acquired recently. As a friend of mine likes to say; I don't care if it's half full or half empty — either way, it needs filling up.

These coasters will adorn any table. They do a fine job of soaking up drips and can be recycled as and when you fancy a new one. I keep mine going for ages, and enjoy seeing the patina they slowly build up over time. Oh, the drinking stories they could tell!

Slip a single coaster in with a card as a sweet little extra, or pop a pack in the post as a surprise gift. Perfect for Christmas stocking fillers too.

  • Part of a small batch, designed by me and hand printed in my studio on the Shropshire/Herefordshire/Powys borders
  • Letterpress printed by hand and foot power on an antique cast iron Saroglia treadle platen press
  • Hand set using metal type and ornaments
  • Black ink
  • Beermat board, 2mm thick
  • 10.7cm diameter round coaster
  • Comes individually or as a pack of six