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Glint ornament letterpress coaster, red


Designed by David Bethel in 1956, Glint ornaments are a lot of fun to use. I often choose them when teaching people about letterpress printing because any design made with just these two little ornaments always comes out looking beautiful and the combinations seem limitless.

These coasters will adorn any table. They do a fine job of soaking up drips and can be recycled as and when you fancy a new one. I keep mine going for ages, and enjoy seeing the patina they slowly build up over time. Oh, the drinking stories they could tell!

Slip a single coaster in with a card as a sweet little extra, or pop a pack in the post as a surprise gift. Perfect for Christmas stocking fillers too.

  • Part of a small batch, designed by me and hand printed in my studio on the Shropshire/Herefordshire/Powys borders
  • Letterpress printed by hand and foot power on an antique cast iron Saroglia treadle platen press
  • Hand set using 18pt Glint metal ornaments
  • Copper ink
  • Beermat board, 2mm thick
  • 10.7cm diameter round coaster
  • Comes individually or as a pack of six